1. Self portrait.


  2. my favorite part of the trailer park boys intro is when the cat meows.

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    Aerial view of SF Bay from Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco, CA

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    I don’t have a ”type”. If I like you, I like you.

    And if I like you, you’re pretty special.

    Because I hate everyone.

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  10. i remember being a kid and going to 24th street with my dad and I remember the smell of the refrigerated bulk item room in Real Foods. I remember the mirrored walls inside Double Rainbow and all the holographic and glow in the dark toys they sold at Star Magic. I remember picking out $1 tapes from Streetlight Records to play in my dad’s car and i remember wandering into the horror section at the video rental store and feeling excited. I remember the lady who played accordion wearing a viking helmet and I’m sad now because all these things are gone forever.

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    The Internet Is Leaking of the day: There are countless t-shirts with the face of human meme Nic Cage on them, but now we have confirmation that the man himself owns one. We also now know he wears it with a cowboy hat, beaded necklaces, frilled chaps, a cane, and sunglasses indoors at a Guns N’ Roses gig. The world is a remarkably strange place.

    Nic Cage has transcended his human avatar and we are not worthy of being in his presence

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  13. Rip Mire.

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