1. Hey I almost forgot I do these.

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  8. Went for a walk and right around the corner from my new place someone was putting this cute desk out on the sidewalk so I went and got my skateboard and wheeled it back to my room. I was daydreaming about this happening to me yesterday and now I’m going to sit here and draw and listen to Jawbreaker.

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    My life.

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  13. I worked at the bar last night and it was a typical Saturday night except for the earthquake that came along after we had closed.  I was sitting drinking a beer and smoking a spliff while waiting to get tipped out and the whole place started rocking gently.  you could hear the bottles behind the bar clanking against each other followed by the shrieks of my coworkers, but there was a moment before realizing that it was actually an earthquake where i was like ‘dang, my heart is beating hella hard.’